In December 2016, Reginnova NE has adhered to the Tex4IM partnership, who “aims at bringing together the main European textile-based clusters in countries/regions where the textile and clothing industry represents a significant share of the national/regional economy, to enhance innovation capacities, business models, knowledge and skill levels and other key competitive factors that will determine the future of European Textile-Clothing sector.” 

Since May 2017, Reginnova NE start working as partner in the EU project TCBL – Textile and Clothing Business Labs, , a project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 under Grant Agreement 646133, aiming to transform the European Textiles and Clothing industry with the main objective of bringing 5% of production capacity back to Europe by 2025.

TCBL aims to create a network of Business Labs that freely experiment the implications of potential innovations and their concrete impacts on business operations. Three types of laboratory focus on specific areas of the value chain:

  • Design Labs explore tools and methods for designing textiles and clothes, working with professionals, fashion students, or anyone, even working from home.
  • Making Labs experiment with production methods and machinery old and new, from re-discovering traditional tailoring to 3D printing and laser cutting.
  • Place Labs investigate the local and social dimensions of clothes making, with new modes of organisation of work such as on-demand or home DIY production, community lab spaces, and networks of artisan shops.


These laboratories interact with a substantial number of sector enterprises of various dimensions – “pilot businesses” – who compose innovation elements coming from different Business Labs to identify transition scenarios that can accompany their shift from current ways of working towards more innovative and competitive business models.


This process is supported by interactive knowledge and learning services together with an open repertoire of business services supporting specific moments of the new business models: training, logistics, etc..



As partner in TCBL, we engage in selecting further associates, both from Labs and enterprises of the NE Romania ad the replication of activities promoted by the project at regionaly.



This April, REDU, the social enterprise of our partner Mai Bine, has applied to become a TCBL Place Lab, meeting the principles and values of the TCBL community.

REDU aims at behavioral change and getting a sense of responsibility of fabrication processes and consumption of textile and clothing into the local community.



Also, we aim to attract at least 17 enterprises, both workshops and factories, mainly from the NE Region, for the Calls for Expressions of Interest in 2018 and 2019:

  • companies and individuals interested in revival the national hemp industry based on sustainable business models,
  • companies interested in Short Runs and Bespoke manufacturing as an alternative to the fast-fashion production.

TCBL_2017 – 20-21 June

We attended the yearly conference of TCBL, organised as a two-day event, 20-21 June, 2017 at the Gazi Technopolis in Athens, an ex-gas works transformed into a cultural innovation and meeting centre.



The neon logo icon at #TCBL_2017


#TCBL_2017 was articulated in nine different formats, to find out how the textiles and clothing sector is responding to major change.


Event Modules

ttalk2he conference-style module with keynote speaker presentations and round table discussions.

news2gave an update on developments in the TCBL project. This year, it was focused on the six Business Cases and their benefits to participating TCBL Associates

live2a TED© style series of provocative, live presentations about general trends and issues shaping our future, where world class thinkers presented the latest scientific discoveries and reflections about where we’re going.

work2allowed the interaction with local artisans in textiles and clothing. This year the focus was on silk, and is organised by the Athens Silk Museum.

jam2a series of interactive workshops exploring different dimensions of business model innovation. TCBL Labs and Enterprises exchanged perspectives on Design, Making and Place Labs. This year, TCBL_Jam also included a Hack session for those interested in the workings of the TCBL Open Platform. The JAM SESSION ONE included the presentations of the REDU Place Lab and, also, the Reginnova NE as a new partner joining the TCBL consortium.

look2an yearly update on fashion design from the TCBL community. No catwalks, but videos and exhibits showed what local creatives are producing.

next2the welcoming ceremony for the new community members: Associate Labs, Associate Enterprises, Associate Advisors and Associate Service Providers.

local2visiting the production facilities in the surrounding area where fibres, textiles, and clothing are born and made.

meet2an opportunity for out-of-town T&C Enterprises to meet up with businesses in the Athens area.

The conference web pages at contain links to the Powerpoint presentations for each of the sessions, and also contain links to the videos of each presentation. The videos are also uploaded to the TCBL YouTube channel at


November 2017

The conference aimed to open the door and give glance on future developments which will set the innovation agenda for the years to come.
The event enjoyed the presence of eminent representatives of European organizations, national and international clusters, research institutes, universities and companies, renowned experts.
Event topics:

  • Smart clusters
  • Value chains
  • Business driven innovation
  • Export & business internationalization


March 2018

The economic mission is dedicated to the capitalization of the collaboration potential between Romania and the state of Texas. Its main objective is to organize meetings with key people from universities, hospitals, companies and public institutions.
The event addresses mainly clusters and specialists from fields such as Medicine, IT, Academic, Agriculture and Zootechnics, Aeronautics, Engineering, Oil & Gas, Marketing, Tourism, but also public administration representatives. The event is also dedicated to American specialists/managers interested in finding out insights about the Romanian business market and in developing partnerships with Romanian companies and clusters.


May-June 2018

The economic mission is dedicated to academic managers, investors interested in franchises, IT entrepreneurs, Romanian producers, companies interested in US market, publishing companies, marketing specialists and curious people.
The event aims to offer participants academic models and inspiration, valuable business contacts and know-how on the USA economic potential, through activities such as:

  • participating at the largest franchise expo in the USA;
  • meeting hundreds of American entrepreneurs;
  • engaging with the world’s most influential publishers;
  • discovering emerging authors and the next blockbuster titles.


August 2018

The event is dedicated to food importers, industrial exporters, marketing specialists, oil & gas companies and curious people.
The economic mission includes business meetings and study visits with companies representatives from Tbilisi and Baku.


October 2018

The economic mission is dedicated to electronics companies, IT entrepreneurs, Romanian electronics importers, companies interested in Chinese market, intrapreneurs interested in Singapore development model, marketing specialists, logistics specialists and curious people.
It includes useful activities such as:

  • participating at Hong Kong Electronics Fair;
  • participating at electronicAsia Fair;
  • participating at business meetings in Hong Kong, Macao and Singapore;
  • participating at study visits in Hong Kong, Macao and Singapore.