Join TCBL Days 2022:Exploring Sustainability in the Textile Industry

The pursuit of sustainability in the textile, clothing, and fashion industry is a multifaceted endeavor that requires a holistic approach.

Join TCBL Days 2022, to delve into key themes including circularity, bio-based materials, and inclusivity, reflecting to the TCBL’s commitment to driving positive change in the industry.

Circularity, bio-based materials, and inclusivity are at the forefront of our research efforts, with TCBL’s participation in EU-funded projects such as Wintex, Herewear, and shemakes. These projects represent our dedication to advancing sustainable practices and fostering innovation across the textile supply chain.

Throughout TCBL Days 2022, participants have the opportunity to engage in a variety of hybrid and diffused events, featuring inspiration, case studies, and networking opportunities with industry leaders. Keynote speeches on each theme providing valuable insights and perspectives, while invitation-only events focus on university collaboration and strategic planning for the TCBL Association.

Keynote events are live-streamed on TCBL’s Facebook and YouTube channels, ensuring that insights from TCBL Days reached a global audience. Additionally, local project-related roundtables and discussions offered further opportunities for engagement and collaboration, with information available on individual project websites.

Stay tuned for updates on future TCBL initiatives and events as we continue our journey towards a more sustainable and inclusive textile industry.