Join TCBL Days 2023: Exploring Sustainability in the Fashion Industry

The quest for sustainability in the textile, clothing, and fashion industry is a complex journey, requiring a holistic approach that integrates various elements to achieve real and lasting change. Join TCBL Days 2023 to dive deep into this multifaceted landscape, focusing on connecting silos in education and training, research and innovation, and business models.

Mark your calendars for three insightful events:

  1. November 15 – Education and Training: Explore the diverse range of models in textile, clothing, and fashion education, from Master’s degrees to vocational training. Discover how hands-on action learning can break down disciplinary barriers, address gender equality, and promote Industry 4.0 and industrial transitioning.
  2. November 23 – Research and Innovation: Delve into the potential synergy between the fields of bioeconomy and circular textile industry. Join us for a roundtable discussion featuring members of projects involved in both domains, as we explore the intersection of innovation and sustainability.
  3. November 30 – Business Models: Uncover the challenges and opportunities for collaboration across different sectors of the fashion industry. Leading figures will tackle the topic of real sustainability in fast, luxury, environmentally sustainable, and socially responsible fashion during this online roundtable.

TCBL Days 2023 builds upon the ongoing work of EU-funded projects like Herewear, shemakes, and Transitions, offering inspiration, case studies, and networking opportunities with industry trailblazers.

Can’t make it in person? No worries! All events will be live-streamed on TCBL’s YouTube channel, ensuring everyone has access to these important discussions.