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TEX-DAN aims at the uptake of technologies at SMEs for improved circularity in the textile and fashion (T&F) value chains through transnational collaboration in the Danube Region. In many aspects – including circularity – textile and fashion sectors lag behind other sectors. In addition, a low level of awareness to circular solutions is observed all over the Danube Region. Therefore, the TEX-DAN partnership agrees that there is a need for improvement in knowledge, approaches, know-how about innovative technologies, support measures, policy change that will lead to successful embedding of circularity in the textile branch.

There is need for awareness raising activities, connecting market participantsand education. In our project we will test technology solutions along 4 key segments of the T&F value chain:

  • Bioeconomy clothing
  • Circular design
  • Circulation production processes
  • Recycling

Our partnership aims at upgrading local, regional and national policies that promote circularity. The project aims at boosting transnational collaboration and knowledge exchange and will set up various sustainable transnational collaboration forms.