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Craft Revitalization Action for Future-proofing the Transition to Innovative Technologies for Sustainable Development It is the ambition of CRAFT-IT4SD to revitalize knowledge, practices and traditional techniques as shared cultural resources for sustainability as well as spillovers into a new, customer driven and sustainable creative economy, allowing for born-sustainable small and micro-sized enterprises to share climate …

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TEX-DAN aims at the uptake of technologies at SMEs for improved circularity in the textile and fashion (T&F) value chains through transnational collaboration in the Danube Region. In many aspects – including circularity – textile and fashion sectors lag behind other sectors. In addition, a low level of awareness to circular solutions is observed all …

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The TCBL Association gathers together people and organizations who want to bring real change to the textile and clothing industry. Growing public awareness of the industry‚Äôs significant social and environmental impacts has led to endless promises and commitments, but little has changed.We think we can make a difference by building an alternative system based on …

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Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a cross-border exchange programme which gives new or aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to learn from experienced entrepreneurs running small businesses in other Participating Countries. The exchange of experience takes place during a stay with the experienced entrepreneur, which helps the new entrepreneur acquire the skills needed to run a small …

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