15 March 2018

Did you know that in the textile industry one the most environmentally disastrous processes is the dyeing of fibers and textiles?

The BioShades Workshop, part of the BioShades event, was organized by the TextileLab Amsterdam – Waag and streamed live in other 14 TCBL Laboratories across Europe, giving to the participants the possibility of experimenting more environmentally friendly alternative of dyeing textiles with the help of bacteria (Janthinobacterium Lividum).

BioShades is part of the TCBL project that aims to renew the European Textile & Clothing sector. BioShades is one of the TCBL research topics that explore new ways to design and make, inventing new business models to open up new markets.

In Iasi, REDU Place Lab organized the BioShades workshop with the support of  Mr. Professor Stelian Maier, the Director of the Department of Chemical Engineering in Textile and Leather from the Technical University Gheorghe Asachi,  making possible the experience of inoculating bacteria and dying for 10 of those over 20 participants. This workshop was a complete success and all the participants enjoyed its results. In the same evening, the BioShades Talks followed the workshop, reuniting experts from different fields, who discussed about the process of dyeing textiles using bacteria, being connected to participating TCBL labs on the spot.

The event has been disseminated by REDU and Reginnova NE through their media channels: