The TCBL Association gathers together people and organizations who want to bring real change to the textile and clothing industry. Growing public awareness of the industry’s significant social and environmental impacts has led to endless promises and commitments, but little has changed.
We think we can make a difference by building an alternative system based on experimentation, trust and shared values.

We need new methods, new materials, and new models; that’s where TCBL Labs come in.
We need to apply social and technical innovations in real industrial settings; Businesses in TCBL help test those.
We need new services that support sustainable processes for design, production, distribution, and end-of-life; that’s the contribution of TCBL Service Providers.

Above all, we need to learn from and collaborate with each other to develop new working practices and new business models that can make the textile and clothing industry something we can be truly proud of. TCBL Association – a non-profit made up of people just like you, with common values – does all this.

For more information, go to the TCBL website.