Unveiling the CLOTH ClusterXchange Event: Transforming Fashion Towards Sustainability and Digital

CLOTH Project, the dynamic European alliance dedicated to revolutionizing the fashion sector towards sustainability and digitalization, is thrilled to announce the launch of its inaugural ClusterXchange event.

Scheduled to take place in London from June 28th to 30th, 2022, this event promises an immersive experience centered around the theme “Strategic Trend Safari London 2022,” including an exclusive visit to the renowned “Future Fabrics Expo 2022” Fair.

Goals of the Event: The ClusterXchange mobility scheme is designed to foster the exchange of experiences and best practices among SMEs and clusters within the fashion industry. This event aims to provide participants with insights into digitalization and sustainability trends in fashion through captivating experiences and exploration of relevant concepts in London.

What to Expect: Participants will have the opportunity to discover new materials and sustainable suppliers at the “Future Fabric Expo 2022.” They will engage in knowledge-sharing sessions with industry professionals during the “Trend Safari” led by international expert Daniel Córdoba-Mendiola. Moreover, attendees will forge valuable relationships with sustainable suppliers and gain insights into circularity in the fashion industry from esteemed speakers at the “Future Fabric” event.

Cost and Eligibility: The ClusterXchange mobility scheme welcomes diverse organizations, including SMEs, clusters, scaling-up support organizations, large companies, and public entities. The “Strategic Trend Safari London 2022” Program costs 385 euros (plus VAT) per participant, covering access to the Future Fabric Expo and participation in the Trend Safari. Travel, subsistence, and accommodation expenses are not included; however, companies can access a 500 euro travel allowance from the European CLOTH (Xchange) project.

About CLOTH: CLOTH project – Cluster Alliance for the Transition to Green and Digital Fashion – is a pioneering initiative aimed at fostering a greener, smarter, and more competitive European fashion industry. With partners spanning five European countries (Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Denmark, and France) and diverse value chains, including fashion and textile, circular economy, creative industries, and digital sectors, CLOTH is poised to lead the transformation towards a sustainable and digital future for fashion.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this groundbreaking event and join us in shaping the future of fashion sustainability and digitalization!

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